Bill of Fare

Breakfast: Celebrating Jewish & Other American Immigrant Traditions

Breakfast Pies, donated by Riki Tiki Pies, Ypsilanti
Assorted Bagels and Breakfast Pastries donated by Zingerman’s Bakehouse, Ann Arbor
Cream Cheese, donated by Zingerman's Creamery
Smoked Salmon, provided by Michigan Foods
Granola, donated by SELMA Cafe
Milk, donated by Calder Dairy and edibleWOW Magazine
Apple & Mexican Chocolate Scones, donated by Fireweed Kitchen
Berry Bars (Gluten-free), donated by Tasty Bakery
Oatmeal & Condiments, donated by Eden Foods

Assorted Raw Fruit Juices, provided by Drought
Coffee, donated by Mighty Good Coffee Roasting Co,
edibleWOW Magazine and Roos Roast Coffee
Tea, donated by Eden Foods
Calder Cream and Soy Milk donated by edibleWOW Magazine and Eden Foods

Lunch: Celebrating Local and Regional Cuisine

Plated Seasonal Greens Salad:
(Vegan and Gluten-free)
Local Greens, donated by the MSU Organic Farmer Training Program and Goetz Farm
Blueberry Vinaigrette, prepared with donations from Locavorious and Eden Foods
Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, donated by Eden Foods

Plated Great Lakes Casserole:
(Vegan and Gluten-free)
Layers of Wild Rice, Potatoes, White Beans, Roasted Tomatoes, Sauteed Kale, Eggplant, and Roasted Kabocha Squash, served with Mushroom Sauce
Prepared with donations from Eden Foods, Tantre Farm, Green Things Farm, Locavorious, and Bald Mountain Mushrooms

Family-Style Additions:
Sliced Ham, donated by Black Oak Farm
Grated Farm Country Cheese House Cheddar
Pickles, donated by The Brinery
Assorted Rolls (Vegan), donated by Ypsilanti Food Cooperative
Cornbread (Gluten-free), donated by Ypsilanti Food Cooperative
Herb Butter, donated by Calder Dairy 

Family-Style Desserts:
Pate a Choux (Cream Puffs) shells filled with Peach Marmalade Pastry Cream, donated by Silvio’s Organic Ristorante & Pizzeria and prepared with Grazing Fields eggs
Maple Popcorn Balls with Dried Cranberries (Vegan and Gluten-free), prepared with donations from R. Hirt, Amazing Pop, and Eden Foods

Afternoon Snack: Celebrating Diverse Local Restaurants and Establishments

Twice Fried Ripe Plantains with Garlic Cilantro Butter and Sweet Chili Mayo, donated by Frita Batidos
Lentil Rounds with Tamarind-Date-Mint Sauce, donated by Hut K Chaat
Assorted Mediterranean Dips & Pita, donated by El Harissa
Crostinis with Pork with an Ancho Chili Rub and Pickled Red Onions, donated by Tammy's Tastings
Chicken Curry Kale Bites, donated by Bona Sera Cafe
Corn Tortilla Chips, donated by Farmboy Flapjacks
Local Love Salsa Roja, donated by Nightshade Army Industries
Mexican Chocolate Brownies, donated by Harvest Kitchen
Assorted Cookies (Vegan), donated by The Lunch Room
Brownies & Mini Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies (Gluten-free), donated by Tasty Bakery
And More!

Menu sourcing by Nicola Milgrom, Joanna Rosene-Mirvis, and Dan Vernia